TBOLT Solder Sleeves - WHITE 26-24AWG (QTY 10)

  • Manufactured by: Thunderbolt R/C

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TBOLT Solder Sleeves - WHITE for Wire size 26-24AWG (QTY 10)

A great way to join wires - no soldering necessary!

Quick and easy wire connections, durable long lasting, Waterproof wire connections!


Easy 3 STEP Process for a perfect wire connection:

STEP 1 - Strip wires (make sure you have enough exposed wire so that the wire can overlap within the TBOLT Solder Sleeve.

STEP 2 - Insert each wire into the TBOLT Solder Sleeve - make sure each wire overlaps inside the middle of the TBOLT Solder Sleeve.

STEP 3 - Apply heat to the TBOLT Solder Sleeve (you can use heat gun, torch, lighter or match).  Try to apply the heat evenly.  You will notice that the coloured side rings and center solder ring will shrink and widen out.  The clear tubing will also shrink around the wire and joint.

That's it!


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