Cessna 170 60E G2 - Super PNP "DAY" - ORANGE

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  • Manufactured by: Flex Innovations

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The officially licensed Cessna 170 60E G2 offers something incredible for everyone. At first glance, it is a forgiving general aviation aircraft with rough field capabilities. But take a deeper look into the heart of the Cessna, and you’ll find its expansive capability. From wild 3D aerobatics to gentle touch and goes on the water, this incredible aircraft offers a perfectly balanced airframe for all flying styles. Combine such an incredible airframe with today’s most Advanced Flight Control System, the Aura 8 AFCS (included), and you’ll get an unmatched flying experience unavailable anywhere else.

The Cessna 170 60E G2 is the second generation of the extremely popular and successful Flex Innovations Cessna 170 60E. Improvements from the Flex Innovations’ Design Team and valuable feedback from our customers around the world have been incorporated to take the Cessna 170 60E G2 to the next level! The Aura 8 AFCS has been further optimized and better matched to the airframe. And, as usual, the Aura 8 AFCS allows you the freedom to adjust all settings for your own flying style. The Cessna 170 60E G2 can also accept a wide range of options and accessories, including floats for flying off of water, and snow skis for flying off of snow. Leading edge slats can also be fitted, and a glider tow mechanism is built into the airframe.

The Cessna 170 60E G2 is the go-to, all around perfect airplane for maximum fun and minimal hassle. From sport flying, touch and goes, to 3D aerobatics and float flying, the Cessna 170 60E G2 is sure to be your favorite daily flier that can do it all!

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