GripLockTies - 12" Long (Large) - Black - Red - QTY 15

  • Manufactured by: GripLockTies

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This is for QTY 15 - 12" long GripLockTies that are Black Plastic with Red Rubber Liner.

A revolution in Zip Ties!

You Need GripLockTies - Here's why:

  • Releasable - You can release GripLockTies by opening the big releasable tab.The Patented Rubber-Lining prevents the need to over-tighten for a secure fit.
  • Rubber-Lining - GripLockTies are rubber lined! The inside isn't made of some cheap plastic like a normal zip tie, with sharp edges that can marr and damage items.  GripLockTies are ultra-protective and cushions anything they secure.  No other cable ties can solve problems of wire damage and vibration damage.
  • Control - The premium rubber lining secures items.  Normal zip ties can be very hard to secure items in place, as the plastic can't "grip" a surface.  GripLockTies rubber lining "grips" and cushions secured items. 

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