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"Not if but when"

We have all heard that before. So why not be ready? We have seen some crazy ways to try to get that prop hub off. Some ingenious and some just dangerous to your engine and yourself. Why not just do it right.

Introducing the High Point "PRO HUB PULLER" No more trying to figure out how to get that prop hub off.

This hub puller is especially manufactured to be universal and fit most common engine types. With its 4 universal holes 5mm/6mm and a 29mm (1.142) 30 (1.181) 34mm (1.339) Diameter patterns.

The "PRO HUB PULLER" is laser cut from steel and will last you for years.

Comes complete with 2 sets of shorter bolts (5mm/6mm thread size) to fit your application.

The puller will fit the most popular engines on the market (See list below)

If your prop swaps out with any of the models below it will fit your engine.

DA 85, DA100L, DA120, DLE 120 3W55i, 3W55i, 3w85I, 3w100Ib2, 3w106, DL100, DLE111,

BME58, BME116, BME150, 3MM53, FOX6.4, MINTOR110

DA50, DA60, DLE60, DL50, DLE55, OSGT55, RCGF55/62, JCE40, XYZ53CTS

DA150, DA200, DLE 222, 3W85COMP, 3W110iR2, 3W157iB2, 3W170iB2, FOX150, ZDZ120, ZDZ160

DA170, FOX200, DLE170


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