Dual Battery System 50Amps (Heavy Duty with Deans )

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Dual Battery System -Heavy Duty with Deans connectors

This device allows you to use two battery packs and two switches to provide Dual-Redundant security to your airborne electrical system. With the Dual Battery System, your electrical system will tolerate the failure of one of the individual battery circuits(open-circuit, short-circuit, low voltage, battery failure) in either battery pack, or switch, or battery wiring, without losing power to your airborne electrical system.

The Dual Battery System continually monitors both battery packs and switches to the one with the higher voltage, and routes that to your Rx and servos. You may combine different size packs. In practice, with two good packs, the Dual Battery System draws power equally from both packs, adding their individual capacities. Example: if Battery #1 is a 6V/1350mAH pack, and Battery #2 is a 6V/2700mAH pack, you will have 4050mAH power supply onboard, with at least 1350mAH to fly on, in case of a failure. This device can handle 50 Amps!!

This device features the following:
  • Low forward voltage drop (only 530mV @ 40 amps.
  • Auto Selects pack with highest voltage.
  • Built in noise cancelling circuit >100db.
  • Small size (smallest in the market class).
  • Total Weight only 22grams includes leads.
  • 16AWG Heavy duty wires and Deans Ultra Connectors.
  • LiPo/Li-Ion/A123/Ni-Mh/Ni-CAD Operation.
  • Increased Output Voltage compared to other devices.
  • Increased Servo Speed!

Device Ratings
  • Max Input Voltage 18V (5-C LiPo).
  • Max Load 25 Amps per input (50 Amps) Max.
  • 4 or 5 Cell Operation (Ni-Cad and Ni-Mh).
  • 2 Cell LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe Packs

Great redundancy and cheap insurance for your aircraft!

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