Basswood Stick 1/4" x 3/8" - 48" Long

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High Quality Basswood sticks

1/4" x 3/8" - 48" Long

Why Basswood?

Easy to cut and easy to sand, Basswood is ideal for many hobby and craft projects. Ideal for wing spars, longerons, and numerous other model airplane parts where additional strength is needed. Also, basswood is the wood of choice for wood carvers.

Spruce Vs. Basswood

For decades, model airplane builders have used Spruce for many structural parts where high strength with moderate weight is required.

Over the years many modelers have discovered that Basswood has almost identical strength and weight characteristics to Spruce, and thus makes a perfectly adequate substitute at a lower price. Here are the facts:

.lbs/cu.ft.bend/elastic limitmax. crushshear strength

As outlined above, Basswood offers almost the identical strength and weight characteristics as Spruce.  Pound for Pound, the difference is minimal. Basswood also has the following benefits:
  • Lower Cost
  • Less Pitch (sap) - allows stronger glue joints.
  • More uniform grain - doesn't warp as easily as Spruce.

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