D&L Secure Flight Power Distribution System

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Secure Flight - Servo Power Distribution System (PDS) by Down & Locked (Formerly Wike R/C)

The PDS was designed to provide up to 20 Amps of continuous power to the servos. The switch is a safety switch meaning that the current for the radio system does not go through the switch. If the switch fails or becomes unplugged the PDS stays on and continues to supply power to the servos and receiver. The safety switch system consumes <10 microamps (uA). This is equal about 50mAH of battery drain per year. So it is not necessary to unplug the batteries from the PDS between flying sessions. If a plane is going to be stored for long periods of time then it is not a bad idea to unplug the batteries.

The PDS is intended to have dual batteries of the same type connected. The PDS will pull power from the battery with the most charge then drain them equally when their voltages are equal. The PDS displays battery voltage for each battery on the LEDs. This allows you to mount the PDS and see how the battery voltage is holding up. The PDS can support 2-cell Li-Ion, Li-Fe, Li- PO, or A123 batteries, 5 cell Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh, and 4-cell Ni-Cd or NiMh. If dual batteries are used they should be the same type (they don't have to be the same capacity however). The batteries are isolated from each other such that if one battery fails it will not short out or drain the other battery. The type of batteries being used can be programmed into the PDS so that the LED voltage read out is correct for that type of battery. The PDS comes factory set for 2-cell Li-Ion or Li-Po but can be changed for other types with the programming button.

The voltage output to the servos is battery voltage minus about 0.2 volts. This means that if high voltage servos are being used the PDS can delivery almost full battery voltage to them. The PDS has a 3-5Amp continuous 5.0V regulator that powers the receiver. This allows you to plug standard (5V) servos into the receiver if using higher voltage servos and batteries for flight control surfaces on the PDS. This is good for things like throttle and choke for example.

8 Inputs (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H)
24 Buffered/Filtered and amplified outputs (A,A,A,A,B,B,B,B,C,C,D,D,E,E,E,E,F,F,F,F,G,G,H,H)
Includes fail safe power switch.
Robust design, the receiver and servo's will be powered with a malfunction of the power switch.
Optimized for use with 2 cell LiFe (A123) and 2S LiPo battery. Can be used without a BEC.
Can be used with 4/5 cell NiCd or NiMh batteries
Optimized for 6V and HV servos
No separate Radio battery needed
5 Volt Regulated output for receiver on all channels for improved redundancy
Maximum receiver current is 3A
Dual Battery Inputs - Auto Load sharing and Failsafe switch over between batteries.
LEDs show status of each battery
Deans and JR Input Connections.
Includes 8 leads for connection to receiver
Works with PPM , PCM, 2.4Ghz systems
Suitable for both analog, digital and HV servos
4.8 volt Minimum input is required - 10 Volt Max Input

Made in USA - Manufactured by Down and Locked USA (Formerly Wike R/C)

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