Pin & Flag Failsafe Switch & Charge Package

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  • Manufactured by: Smart-Fly

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For use with the Smart-Fly SuperReg, TurboReg and other Smart-Fly Power Management Products.

Failsafe operation with the remote on/off switch. The switch actually turns the failsafe regulator on and off and does not carry the system load current. If the switch or wiring between the switch and failsafe regulator were to fail the regulator stays in the on state until you unplug it from the battery. Because there is a connector between the regulator and the on/off switch, you can control multiple regulators with a single switch using a simple "Y" extension.

Caution: The Regulator with failsafe Switch presents a slight load to your battery even when off. This load is 0.4mAh or about 10mA out of your pack for each 24-hour period. You should disconnect the battery if you know the plane will be sitting for more than a couple days.



  • Pin and Flag Failsafe Switch
  • Two Charge Jack Mounts
  • Two Charge Leads with Futaba and JR Male Ends


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