Smart-Fly TurboReg

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The Smart-Fly TurboReg provides the user with battery redundancy and an adjustable regulator for aircraft with engines of 100cc size and up. The TurboReg provides the highest power density of any available regulator for giant scale aircraft. The TurboReg combines several features into one lightweight unit. It has dual battery inputs with isolation between the two batteries. In case of a catastrophic failure of one battery the other can continue to supply power to the aircraft. The TurboReg has dual regulation elements for redundancy and dual power out connectors. All power input and output connectors are Deans Ultra Plugs to handle the high current the TurboReg is capable of handing.

The TurboReg's output voltage is continuously adjustable from 5.2 volts to 6.5 volts and can supply 17.5 amps continuous current when the input voltage is 8.4 volts and the regulator is set to an output of 6.0 volts. The TurboReg uses a computer-grade brushless fan to provide active cooling of the regulator.

  • Small: 2 3/4" x 2 1/4"
  • Lightweight: 2.9 oz
  • 17.5 amps with 8.4 volts in and 6.0 volts out
  • Dual battery inputs with Battery Isolation
  • Continuously Adjustable output voltage: 5.2 -6.5 volts
  • Individual Charge leads
  • Fail-safe operation with on/off switch
  • Computer Grade Brushless Fan

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