Elite Telemetry Sensor High Speed GPS w/Compass & Data Logger (Jeti EX, Graupner HoTT, Futaba S.Bus2)

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The GPS LOGGER is a telemetry device that offers fast and accurate real-time position detection, data logging and telemetry real-time downlink. It uses multiple satellite navigation systems to achieve maximum precision and resolution. Logging of all the data is possible due to its large integrated Flash memory.

The logged data can be downloaded and analyzed on a computer using the free MAV Manager software. Simply Plug & Play solution for your Jeti, Futaba or Graupner RC System. Due to file sizes and data transfer speed we recommend using Elite USB Programming Interface Adapter (MAV) for data uploads.

Connect the GPS LOGGER to the receiver telemetry port. Place the device on top of the plane, so that the internal patch antenna is not shielded in any direction. Shielding materials, such as metal, carbon or anything conducting, can reduce the performance of position detection. Additionally, make sure that the 2.4GHz antennas are located at least 8" (200mm) or more from the GPS LOGGER. Try to avoid any mechanical stress on the sensor and avoid any close contact with components producing heat (such as engines or speed controllers). Use a soft double-sided adhesive tape, or Velcro as an alternative.

Specifications and Features
- Large industrial memory for data logging (256MB).
- Latest generation GPS chipset supporting multiple satellite systems.
- 3-axis magnetometer/compass for external navigation purpose.
- Backup supercapacitor for fast position fix after powering off.
- Automatic telemetry detection: Duplex EX, Hott, MSB, S.Bus2.
- Automatic time zone detection.

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