ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester

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The ToolkitRC ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester is a compact charger that boasts a wide array of features not found in chargers on the market. It includes multiple input sources, programmable 8-channel output signal, multiple measurement modes, 4 independent current acquisitions and much more! Features The ST8 is a product for testing servos, with up to 28V voltage output, 8-channel signal output, current measurement, curve display, and other functions. 4 channels of programmable independent signal, 8 channels of signal output, the accuracy of 1 ms. 4 independent current acquisition, respectively, curved display. Multiple measurement modes (speed, count, step, linear). output PWM signals with a period of 33 to 1000 Hz. A variety of signal trigger sources (internal, buttons, knobs, external sources). Measure the response speed of the steering gear with an accuracy of 1 millisecond. The external input signal supports PWM/ PPM/ SBUS with an accuracy of 1 ms. Drive the servo with a maximum load of 100W. With the multi-language system, you can upgrade the language you need. The device is simulated as a USB flash drive, and the upgrade file is copied to implement a product firmware upgrade. Specifications Input voltage: 7-28V @ MAX 10A Main output port: 5.0V-28.0V@MAX 10A Signal port: 5.0V-8.4V@MAX 4A / S1-S4 Output voltage: 5.0V-8.4V@MAX 4A / S4 Ext. output signal: 100us-2900us @ 33-1000Hz @ S1-S4 PWM 500us-2500us @ S5 PPM 8CH @ S5 SBUS 16CH @ S5 P1 rotation range: 1000us-2000us @ P1 MicroUSB: Upgrade @ USB3.0 LCD: 2.4 inch TFT RGB 320 * 240 resolution Product size: 99mm * 68mm * 26mm Weight: 140 grams Packing size: 105mm * 80mm * 45mm Weight: 160 grams

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