Ashlok Connector Information

Ashlok 3 way (1 servo) connector
Ashlok Connector

What are ASHLOK Connectors? ASHLOK Connectors are a better way to secure servo connections. Every year, many R/C Model Aircraft are lost due to faulty radio equipment connections. The fact is, the standard servo connectors that we use can fail with wear and vibration. This is especially true with the connectors that are disconnected and reconnected often. Standard servo connectors were not designed for the rigorous environment created by a giant scale airplanes, gasoline engines, and 3D aerobatics.

Take a close look at the servo connectors that you often disconnect and reconnect, do you see small cracks in the connector housings and loose pins? How easy is it to pull apart these connectors? ASHLOK Connectors offer Cheap insurance for your Model Aircraft!

Why are Ashlok Connectors Better?

Ashlok Connectors are better because they offer the following:

Ashlok 3 way (1 servo) disconnected
  • A positive locking connector housing: Each Ashlok Connector has an external latch that positively locks each connector end together. The connectors can only be separated by depressing the locking latch and gently pulling the connectors apart.
  • Connect Multiple Servos(and other electrical components) together with just one connector: Ashlok Connectors are available in different sizes to allow you to build a single connector that connects multiple servos. Each Ashlok connector supports a number of wires (referred to as "ways"). A 3-way connector handles 3 wires or the equivalent of 1 servo. A 6-way connector handles 6 wires of the equivalent of 2 servos, and a 12 way connector handles 12 wires or up to 4 servos.
  • Ashlock 12 way (4 servo) Connector
  • Each Connector is Keyed: Ashlok Connectors are keyed so that you can never connect them backwards. This feature together with the ability to use multiple servos with one connector will prevent you from attaching the connectors together. No more reversed ailerons!
  • Connectors Support Heavy Duty Silicone Wire: Ashlok Connectors support Heavy Duty (22AWG) Silicone wire for higher current applications (giant scale, multiple battery, higher servo current applications, etc).
  • Easily Create Custom Length servo extensions with Ashlok Connectors: With the specially designed crimping tool, you can easily modify existing servo extensions with Ashlok Connectors or create custom length servo extensions. Click here to view our Ashlok crimping tutorial.

Crashed plane due to connection failure

    Don't let this happen to your plane! Use Ashlok Connectors!

    Visit our Ashlok Product Page (by clicking here) to find everything you need to create reliable servo connections.

    Thunderbolt R/C is the official distributor of Ashlok connectors in Canada. If you have any questions please see the links below or please email us here.